The Product Management of the First Body Language Translator

Psychology studies are thriving, the research into our behaviors, motivations, think processes and many other aspects of our daily lives has been the center of interest for many scholars. 

Since the Nobel Price winning  research of decision-making by Kahneman and Tversky psychology has become a building block for any business and social initiative. 

But while this is happening the insights of modern psychology haven't really penetrated into our daily activity, there aren't many tools we can use in our social and professional life that could add the benefits of social studies into real life situations. 

55% body language translator was set out to bridge this knowledge gap.


People want to understand body language while they witness it

The study into body language has produced already hey huge body of knowledge but old that knowledge isn't usable to people who are engaged in a social situation.


Users will pay and use an app that will give them actionable insights about to body language

Customer Discovery

Validating the product-assumption fit

While articulating the problem and solution we’ve met with about 20 professionals that earn their living by meeting other people, among them were pharmaceutical representatives, sales people, workshops facilitators and actors. In these interviews we aimed to articulate the problem and to get their thoughts of “a magic wand” to solve them.
I know about body language, I’ve learned about it in sales seminars and read about it in articles. Once I entered a meeting and the guy was sitting behind his desk, not going forward stretching his arm for a hand shake, I remembered that these two things can mean he is insecure and tries to avoid confrontation, so I focused my proposal on security and ease of implementation. I think this was helpful since he ended up buying the product. But I can’t really remember any other time I used body language insights, mostly because I couldn’t remember the different meanings of the gestures...

I was managing a workshop and the assistant that was in charge of it from the company has raised an issue with the transportation for the workshop, shortening the workshop by an hour. I’ve asked her to look for another solution and after an hour or so she has told me no other solution can work. I’ve asked her if she checked with the logistics department and she said “I’ve checked with anyone that is relevant” and rubbed her nose while saying that. I remembered that gesture from something I’ve read about body language, It’s called the liar’s nose since it is so related to lying. I didn’t act upon this knowledge since I didn’t want to offend here but the other day I met the logistics manger by chance and asked him about the problem. He told me no one has contacted his department because if they would then he had a solution for the situation... I love reading about body language and to use this knowledge but there can be many meanings to the same gesture and I can’t remember it all, especially when I’m engaged in a conversation"

You know how in that movie where they pick the juries and the lawyer has an earpiece and an expert is whispering to him insights about the juries this is what I would like to have. Something I could summon when I need it to tell me about the body language gestures the person I’m talking to is making.

If I had it my way, I’d like to have something that tells me what is the meaning of a body language gesture when I see it...

As you can see we’ve validated the need, the problem and the solution.
In these interviews we’ve understood our Beachhead Segment - Sales People that know about body language, understand its benefits but don’t use it as much as they would have liked. To put it in other words customers in the Beachhead Segment are the people who read about body language among other professional material and after reading something they use it but shortly after they read it they don’t remember the meaning of a gesture and it frustrate them.


Business Model


The Wizard of Oz

The Idea
We’ve used a text message to communicate with us, they needed to send us an image of a body language gesture and our expert would give instant insight.

The result
We’ve scheduled meetings with sales managers and offered them the services for a fee. They all refused to use or to pay. Our assumption that the ease of take a photo and getting an answer was proved to be wrong. Users weren’t liked the thought of secretly taking a picture of another person.

The Basic functionality

The Idea
Create a one page website with a limited veriaty of body language gesture. We’ve interviewed sales mangers and showed them the basic website, We’ve let them play with it for a while and then asked them if they would like an accesses to the web app for a fee.

The tests were conducted in Israel

Several sales managers (4 out of 15) payed the fee and we gave them an access to the basic app with a promise to give them a free version of the app when developed. We’ve seen a retention of 3 uses per week per user fora period of 3 weeks. We also got one request from a friend of a user that wanted to pay for an access. That showed us we’re on treck.

Scoping Features

Wants & Needs -> Features

  • Daniel needs to see other gestures that an emotion can trigger → each gesture has it’s own page with all the relevant emotions
  • Daniel needs to choose the right gesture he sees → drilling down from top level categories and secondary of body parts will limit the number of gestures to choose from, the gesture page would have a big picture of the gesture
  • Daniel wants to find fast the gesture he sees → limit the number of gestures to choose from by giving top and secondary categories of body parts
  • Daniel wants to use the app discreetly → Minimize the number of taps
  • Daniel wants to save gestures to review later → Have a history
  • Daniel wants to get a full session insights → Have a session analysis
  • Daniel wants to get feedback on his readings → Monitor the users’ readings and give feedback on biases the user might have.

User Journeys





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